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Abu Yousuf Md Abdullah

PhD Student

School of Planning, Faculty of Environment

University of Waterloo, Canada

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Abu Yousuf Md Abdullah is currently a PhD student in the School of Planning, University of Waterloo, Canada. Prior to enrolling in the PhD degree, Abdullah completed his MSc in Public Health and Health Systems from the University of Waterloo.


Abdullah has been working on spatiotemporal and health planning in Canada and Bangladesh for nearly five years. Abdullah’s research primarily focuses on modeling the relationship between the built environment and various health outcomes to promote targeted planning strategies in adaptation and mitigation initiatives.


Abdullah has published fifteen peer-reviewed articles (six lead-authored) and is a reviewer of fifteen prominent international journals, such as Nature Scientific Reports, Nature Communications, BMJ Paediatrics Open, PLoS One, PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Remote Sensing, BMC Tropical Medicine and Health, etc.

Spatiotemporal Planning
Spatial Epidemiology
Bayesian spatiotemporal modeling     

Hierarchical (Multilevel) Spatial Modeling
Built-environment Effects             
Extreme climate events

Research Interests

Bryazka, D., Reitsma, M.B., Griswold, M.G., Abate, K.H., Abbafati, C., Abbasi-Kangevari, M., Abbasi-Kangevari, Z., Abdoli, A., Abdollahi, M., Abdullah, A.Y.M. and Abhilash, E.S., 2022. Population-level risks of alcohol consumption by amount, geography, age, sex, and year: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2020. The Lancet, 400(10347), pp.185-235.

Abdullah, A.Y.M., Law, J., Perlman, C.M. and Butt, Z.A., 2022. Age-and Sex-Specific Association Between Vegetation Cover and Mental Health Disorders: Bayesian Spatial Study. JMIR Public Health and Surveillance, 8(7), p.e34782.

Abdullah, A.Y.M., Bhuian, M.H., Kiselev, G., Dewan, A., Hassan, Q.K. and Rafiuddin, M., 2022. Extreme temperature and rainfall events in Bangladesh: a comparison between coastal and inland areas. International Journal of Climatology, 42(6), pp.3253-3273.

Law, J. and Abdullah, A.Y.M., 2022. An Offenders-Offenses Shared Component Spatial Model for Identifying Shared and Specific Hotspots of Offenders and Offenses: A Case Study of Juvenile Delinquents and Violent Crimes in the Greater Toronto Area. Journal of Quantitative Criminology, pp.1-24.

Sultana, N., Asaduzzaman, M., Siddique, A. B., Khatun, H., Bari, F. S., Islam, M. N., Tabassum, A., Mondol, A. S., Sayem, M. A., Abdullah, A. Y. M., Hossain, M. P. & Biracyaza, E. 2022. Job insecurity and mental health related outcomes among the humanitarian workers during COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study. BMC Psychology, 10, 265.

Abdullah, A.Y.M., Law, J., Butt, Z.A. and Perlman, C.M. (2021). Understanding the Differential Impact of Vegetation Measures on Modeling the Association between Vegetation and Psychotic and Non-Psychotic Disorders in Toronto, Canada. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(9), p.4713.

Selected Recent Publications

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