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Debating Profile

Winner of 11 National Titles (6 national championships and 5 runners-up) as a debater 

Team Leader (DU- Bangladesh) in 5 international debating tournaments

Deputy Chief Adjudicator in 4 national debating tournaments

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Championship titles:


1. National Debate Federation Debate Championship, 2010

2. 6th BDC Pre-Worlds School Debate Championship, 2009

3. Josephite Debating Club Inter School Debate, 2009

4. Stamford Debate Federation National Debate Championship, 2009

5. Josephite Debating Club Mixed-Up Debate, 2008

6. United Commercial Bank - Notre Dame Debating Club Championship, 2008


Runners-up titles:

1. North South University Intervarsity Debate Championship, 2013

2. North South University Debate Fest, 2010

3. 5th BDC Pre-Worlds School Debate Championship, 2008

4. Notre Dame Debating Championship, 2007

5. Independent University Bangladesh Inter-School Championship, 2006

Other notable achievements as a debater:

1. Semifinalist: World Universities Peace Invitational Debate (WUPID), Bangladesh, 2013

2. Quarterfinalist: 2nd OIC Intervarsity Debating Championship, Malaysia 2012

3. Top 10 speaker:

NSU Intervarsity Debating Championship, 2013

IUT Intervarsity Debating Championship, 2012

LCLS Debate Championship, 2012

4. Team Leader (DU- Bangladesh):

University of Cambridge Debating Championship, UK, 2014

University of Oxford Debating Championship, UK, 2014                             

University of Cambridge Debating Championship, UK, 2013                     

Singapore Management University Championship, Singapore, 2012         

2nd OIC Intervarsity Debating Championship, Malaysia, 2012

Achievements as an adjudicator:

1. Deputy Chief Adjudicator- National Environment Intervarsity Debating Championship, 2014

2. Deputy Chief Adjudicator- 10th BDC Pre-Worlds Schools Debating Championship, 2013

3. Deputy Chief Adjudicator- 8th Viqarunnisa School Debating Fest 2013

4. Deputy Chief Adjudicator-  Green Herald Debating Championship, 2011


5. Adjudicator of the semi-final: Nalsar IV, Hyderabad, India, 2012

​6. Grand Finale adjudicator: Aga Khan Inter-School Debating Fest 2011

7. Team selection committee member of the World Schools Debate Championship (WSDC), Thailand, 2014​

Receiving the Championship trophy of the National Debate Federation (NDF)
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